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How to Attract Millennial Talent

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How to Attract Millennial Talent


How do I attract Millennial talent? It’s a phrase we often hear at Recruit Zone as our clients craft their job specs and adverts.

Often called the ‘selfie’ generation or Gen Y, Millennials are set to soon comprise the majority of our workforce.

Defined as anyone born in the eighties or nineties, Generation Y (or Millennials) are set to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to BPW Foundation’s study published in April 2011

Is Your Recruiting Process Up To Scratch

This means there are challenging times ahead for organisations that are not prepared by having a  recruiting process and offers that will attract these individuals.

Failure to do so could see their business starved of fresh new talent, whilst their competitors who have made themselves ‘millennial-friendly’ will be reaping the rewards of employing these talented individuals. We take a look at what companies in every sector must do to ensure they are able to attract the best Millennials around and secure the long-term future of their business.

In this post, we share a number of ‘must do’ things to consider.


Don’t Skimp On Compensation and Benefits

No matter what generation you employ paying the going rate is imperative. More than one organisation has fallen foul of being outed as a poor payer through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. According to various studies online, today’s University grads will leave higher educations with debts over £45k.

Gaining experience for a great opportunity is one thing and receiving a living wage related to their education is another. Your compensation package should recognise their qualifications and skills. In the competitive world of recruiting to attract the best people available a realistic salary is a must.


Develop Them

Contrary to popular belief this generation is anything but lazy. They are keen to achieve and want to receive development, feedback and guidance.

It is vital to have a transparent onboarding process and a documented career path and structure that demonstrates the way forwards and what they need to do to get ahead. Which leads me onto the next important point.


Challenge Them From Day One

In some organisations, it is still common practice for the ‘new’ recruit to be given the more menial tasks; until they have been around a while and proven they have the capability.

This won’t work for your Millennial new hires. They won’t hang around if they aren’t being stimulated and pushed outside their comfort zone. Embrace this fact, and you’ll get more out of your Millennial, and they’ll appreciate the trust you put in them.


Recognise And Cheer Them On

The Truth? We all like to be complimented and told we are doing a good job; Millennials especially.

Hot Tip: This vital part relates to all of your employees not only your Millennials.

Millennials are hardworking and will give it their all provided they get regular feedback and are told when they are getting it right.


Be Prepared For A Different Dress Code

Millennials are individuals so expect that to shine through in what they wear. Body piercing and Tatto’s are common. Conversely, state of the art fashion, shoes and suits will also make an appearance too. If you have a strict dress code, you might need to consider a change.


Flexible  Working

We now live in a virtual global economy, with many organisations driven by their virtual workforce. Remote working is on the rise especially as technology dominates our lives. Millennials, as you might imagine are big fans so consider offering this as a work option. Maybe one day a week from home or flexible hours where work time doesn’t have to be 9-5.

The sooner you start making your businesses ‘millennial-friendly’, the sooner you will see the benefits, and help you develop your recruiting strategy long into the future.


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