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Who – Know your interviewer, research their LinkedIn profile and fully research the company

Why – Specifically why do you want to work for the company and what stands our for you

What – What is your understanding of the role and how would you describe the role to the client?

Where – Do you know how to get there? Do you know the area? How far are they from the train station? Where will you park?

When  – When is you interview? Give yourself plenty of time to get there. When will you schedule time to prepare properly?

How – How have you gone the extra mile with your preparation? i.e. Industry knowledge / Glassdoor review / Competitor information

Why You?​

Know your number, ratio’s % against target, what does your brag file look like?

Give examples of successes and how you achieved them – how compelling is your story?

Be positive! – avoid mentioning bad experiences with previous employers

Traits / Qualities

What qualities can you bring to a new employer?

List and be able to justify

Prepare for 3 key strengths – What are most relevant to the role?


Prepare for 3 key weaknesses /  areas of development

Give a positive spin e.g perfectionists take a little longer but high quality and gets it right first time

The Role

  • Firstly make sure you completely read and understand the job description!
  • Isolate each point – can you give examples of best practice and demonstrate your relevance / capability.
  • List examples of success and explain how you went about achieving this!
  • Walk the walk – Give examples that make it real
  • Any parts of the role where you have little experience look as areas of learning / development rather than a weakness. “I am a quick learner / keen to enhance my skills”
  • What intelligent questions do you have that you want to know the answer to?

The Close

  • Make Sure You Close! – Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure meeting with you…
  • Express your interest! – And then with confidence either;
    • Ask for the role
    • Ask do you have any concerns or reservations before I leave?
  • Overcome any objections / niggles before you leave
  • Imagine you already have the job!
Interview close

What You Need To Know Before Accepting

accepting the job
When accepting a job offer you should be asking questions about:
  • Targets vs commission structure
  • On-boarding / Training
  • Team / Culture
  • What is the long term career progression