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Executive Recruitment At Its Best

We know how hard it is to find the right people who are the right fit with your organisation and make it stand out from the rest.

Recruitment Agency​

We know recruiting people takes a huge amount of time, and for many companies it is a real struggle to find enough time to do it well.​

You Get The Top Performers​

We help you to get the top performers so that your company turns from being an ordinary company to an extraordinary company​

Long-Term Connections​

Our recruiters have strong long-term connections with large companies such as Samsung, British Telecom, Ingram Micro and many others, so you know that as a job seeker you are in good hands.​

Our Services

Recruitment, whether your company is small or large can be very time consuming, expensive and frustrating. We pride ourselves as being experts in all aspects of recruitment, online and offline. Recruit Zone will help you to either advertise your roles to multiple premium job boards or we can go down the old route of hunting the right person/people manually. Recognising that in this current climate, you need flexibility and added value from all suppliers we can always tailor a recruitment package that fulfils your recruitment needs.

Understand Requirements

We have worked within the recruiment industry for many years. This has enabled us to learn to understand each of our customers requirements.

Hire The Best

Our goal is to make your business stand out from and above the rest by only giving you the best candidates.


We go to great lengths to ensure both corporate clients and candidates are satisfied with the results given.


We pride ourselves on how we recruit for every company that utilises our services. Pride in what we do is what sets us apart from the rest.


We have over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, so you know that you are in good hands.

About Us

As a recruitment agency, we have dealt in all sectors from sales through to administration.

Recruit Zone as a company originally came about as an idea for advertising job vacancies to multiple premium job boards back in 2012 and has evolved in to a full 360 recruitment agency.

Our sweet spots are primarily on the sales side and AV (Audio Visual) where we have had the most success.

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We’ve worked extremely hard over the years to develop a recruiting team that can meet the personal and professional goals of our job seekers and the staffing needs of the employers we serve.

When you take advantage of Recruit Zone’s expertise, you’ll be glad you did.


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Technology Sales Recruitment

We have a team of experienced technology sales recruitment consultants who have a proven track record within the technology sector.We have a team of experienced technology sales recruitment consultants who have a proven track record within the technology sector.

Recruit Zone are leading specialists in the recruitment of sales engineers and business development professionals into a range of sales vacancies from telesales through to sales director and senior sales manager jobs.

With the experience track record that we have built, we have both an envious portfolio of companies that work with us and the highest quality sales talent available.

Our aim at Recruit Zone is to provide the best results to help you build your sales team, recruit sales engineers and technical salespeople and giving honest quality advice both to our clients and sales candidates. The result of this approach ensures we have both an envious portfolio of companies that work with us and the highest quality technology sales talent available. approach ensures

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British Telecom
Ingram Micro

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