Your Own Job Board

All Recruit Zone customers have the option for our developers to embed the Recruit Zone software to your websites .

Each version of the Recruit Zone job board software is fully branded and links straight in to the Recruit Zone Application Tracking Software.


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 Product features

Fully branded job board

We will work with you to design a job board that is aligned with your brand.


 Search engine optimisation

We work on your adverts to make sure that they appear high in the job board search results just like you would with Google search.

 Reporting and Analytics


Facebook Job Search App 

Engage via your own Facebook job board app, fully integrated into your Facebook company page.

Text Messaging

Promote your jobs via SMS, offering candidates the chance to receive links and apply for positions on the move.


Search Multiple Job Boards

We can act on your behalf and purchase job search with multiple job boards.

Once each job board is set up you are then able to search all from within the Recruit Zone software and store CVs


Powerful Search Technology

Browse and keyword search have been combined to get the best single user experience

Talent Network

Create your own pool of talent for future opportunities. Store CVs and build a bank of ready to go candidates, easy to match and target your job towards.

Auto Interview

Streamline your applicant’s movement through the ranks with auto interview.

Automatically reject or progress candidates based on an initial question session.

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