Health and Wellbeing at Work: Why It’s Time to Take Action

For years, “workplace wellbeing” has been a hot topic for businesses in almost every sector. As studies show that happier and healthier employees lead to more significant profits, more companies are beginning to wonder what they can do to support holistic wellness for their staff.  

Research finds that mental health issues alone account for £70 billion in losses for companies each year. What’s more, a third of the days taken off work in the UK are a result of career pressure or stress. This means that if employers want to create a productive and robust culture in their organisation, they need to take steps to protect both physical, and mental wellbeing.  

Investing in a comprehensive workplace wellness program builds loyalty among staff, saves businesses money on lost productivity, and even improves your employer brand. 

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5 Warning Signs Your Star Performer is About to Leave

Turnover is one of the most significant concerns that any employer will face – and there’s a good reason for that. Replacing members of your high-performing team is expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. What’s more, if you happen to lose one of your best people, then your cash flow can start to suffer, and workplace morale may go down the drain too! 

Various studies have shown that the cost of losing a single employee can be anywhere up to 2 times that person’s annual salary. That is because you do not only lose the money your hire was making for you, you also must pay out for on-boarding, training, and lost productivity among the rest of the team. 

The good news? Managers who pay attention to their staff and watch for signs of discontent can potentially stop the problem occurring in the first place. 

So here are five signs to watch out for that indicates your star performer is losing faith in your brand.  

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