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Could These Be The Best CVs Ever?

Over the years we have all come across many different versions of CV/Resumé layout so as to catch the eye of a potential employer.
We have put together a few below for you to see and possibly compare against your own. They may even spark the thought to give your own CV a bit of a once over.

Which of these CVs do you think are the best?

Robby Leonardi

We stumbled across this CV that was created by animator and programmer Robby Leonardi found at

To view the side scrolling CV you can click here
Robby has won awards for his CV versions that he has created and has been working for companies such as AOL and Fox News.
The CV that he created looks very much like the old Mario games

Philippe Dubost

Philippe Dubost is a Web Product Manager who has put together an online CV that resembles the Amazon website

You can view Philippes CV here

Sumukh Mehta

Sumukh Mehta has built his CV to look like a GQ magazine edition that has a full 20 pages when applying to… guess where… GQ!
It took him 3 weeks to put his CV together with all the design work and photo-shoots.

Sumukh said

GQ had been on my mind for a long time. But when I checked the Conde Nast publication portal, it said that people who do not have a work visa or resident visa could not apply for a job role. I started thinking that if I send a normal resume, it’ll end up in the bin. So I thought of portraying myself as a model on the cover and making a magazine which showcases my resume in a creative way. It took me three weeks to make the whole resume which included graphic design, a photo shoot and the content. I got the whole resume printed exactly like the original British GQ.


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