Why You Need to Develop Your Personal Brand This Year

We live in an inherently social world.  

While human beings have always been community-based creatures, the rise of the internet and social media means that we have more ways to connect than ever before. While the social environment brings a lot of positive things, like opportunities to network with peers and potential employers, it also means that every candidate needs to be constantly aware of how they’re presenting themselves to others.  

As you search for the ideal role, everything you do and say online is either moving you towards your career goals or holding you back. 

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Health and Wellbeing at Work: Why It’s Time to Take Action

For years, “workplace wellbeing” has been a hot topic for businesses in almost every sector. As studies show that happier and healthier employees lead to more significant profits, more companies are beginning to wonder what they can do to support holistic wellness for their staff.  

Research finds that mental health issues alone account for £70 billion in losses for companies each year. What’s more, a third of the days taken off work in the UK are a result of career pressure or stress. This means that if employers want to create a productive and robust culture in their organisation, they need to take steps to protect both physical, and mental wellbeing.  

Investing in a comprehensive workplace wellness program builds loyalty among staff, saves businesses money on lost productivity, and even improves your employer brand. 

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Are You Prepared for Your New Recruit?

Welcoming a new employee into your team is about more than making a company announcement or adding someone new to your payroll. Taking the time to properly integrate your recruit into your business helps them to feel more comfortable in their new role, setting the stage for long-term loyalty and retention.  

Additionally, a good onboarding process can help your new hire to jump into action faster, because it gives them a solid understanding of the results expected of them, and the tools they need to use to succeed. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to implant new people into their high-performing teams 

In fact, one survey of 4,000 employees around Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK, found that over one in four (25%) employees started their new role without even the basic tools to do their job.  

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The 5 Daily Habits That are Ruining Your Career

We all have our own personal lists of habits. Sometimes, these tendencies are a good thing. For instance, an accountant who double checks their spreadsheets before sending them to the manager is more likely to impress 

Of course, there are bad habits of thinking about too. Maybe you continuously interrupt people when they are talking, or you struggle to keep track of your schedule. While your friends and family might not mind these quirks – your career might not be so forgiving. The more you let negative patterns get in the way of progress, the harder it will be to show your manager what you are truly capable of.  

Identifying which of your many habits you need to correct to become a better employee can be the key to unlocking new responsibilities, a better relationship with your employer, and even opportunities for promotion.  

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How to Survive Your First 60 Days in Your New Role

With the help of your recruitment agency, you have finally found the role of your dreams. Now, all you need to do is prove to your new manager that they made the right decision by bringing you on board.  

During the first couple of months, employers and team leaders are looking for validation that they have chosen the right person for the role. This is your time to shine, by demonstrating the right skills, attitudes, and habits for the position you have taken.  

With all eyes on you, the first 60 days in a new business can be nerve-wracking. The good news is that with a little bit of preparation and planning, you will be ready to inspire and impress.   

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