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Your Personal Co-Employment Organisation

Recruit Zone is now a co-employment provider that allows you to offer your employees attractive funds for their investment and retirement, with all administration, legislation and liability associated with employee pensions handled by our experts.

Payroll Expertise

Practical Advice

Legislative Knowledge

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Smart Payroll for Your Business

Payroll is not just about paying your employees. Payroll data is essential for resource management and insights. Reinforce your managerial decisions with:

  • Complete alignment with your operations
  • Simplified and updated processing
  • Visibility on your workforce
  • Flexible reporting for improved analysis
In addition our payroll specialists manage processing, tax calculations and national insurance contributions. They submit RTI to HMRC making sure that employees’ wages are accurate and paid on time, releasing the costs associated with these business-critical functions for you to re-invest in business enabling functions / areas to further enhance / grow / develop your business”
Your business gains market-leading expertise and support we have provided to other employers.

Efficient Worker Data & Pay

Talented Accounting

Software Package Advice

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Accurate Payroll & Minimised Admin

We provide you with practical and actionable advice instantly to improve the following:

  • Your employees’ data sheets
  • Payroll software system
  • Payroll processing
  • Payment of net wages
  • Payslips

Save Time & Money

Every business faces different challenges. In one move you have access to our payroll experts, who improve your payroll to the highest standards.

  • Simple, secure payroll systems
  • Accurate and timely RTI reports
  • Taxes & NI Contributions
  • Prompt net wage payments

One Dedicated Expert

Whether you need professional advice on a daily basis or under certain conditions, a dedicated expert is available to make sure your payroll runs smoothly. Focus on your operations while the best specialists in the field keep your payroll at peak performance.