Bet you would sign up to these jobs straight away!

With all the messages being sent through the media today, how do you cut through the noise to get yours heard?

These job ads have done it by being funny, interesting, and heartbreakingly honest. They include a reminder that no dinosaurs need apply and a math question to solve in order to call the proper phone number
Did they work? Probably. But one thing is undeniable – people paid attention.
Which is your favourite and do you have others?

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Workers union Unison has won a landmark battle to scrap employment tribunal fees.

After a four year battle the UK Supreme Court has passed judgement in favour of public section union Unison that has been battling against fees that would be charged for taking an employment case to tribunal.
The government will also have to refund over £27 million to thousands of people that have been charged for taking claims to a tribunal since July 2013.
This is back to when the fees we introduced by the then lord chancellor Chris Grayling in David Cameron’s government

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Recruitment Made Easy Infographic

The Recruit Zone service is very simple. We have made the service so simple that you can see in the infographic below just how easy it is.