How to Attract Millennial Talent


How do I attract Millennial talent? It’s a phrase we often hear at Recruit Zone as our clients craft their job specs and adverts.

Often called the ‘selfie’ generation or Gen Y, Millennials are set to soon comprise the majority of our workforce.

Defined as anyone born in the eighties or nineties, Generation Y (or Millennials) are set to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to BPW Foundation’s study published in April 2011

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How To Review CVs Like a Pro

One of the most critical sales documents for a prospective employee is their CV followed by an excellent LinkedIn profile.

With a CV being a crucial part of the recruitment puzzle what should you look out for as your review CVs that land on your desk pre-your decision to invest more time and interview the person in question?

The interview is naturally where decisions are made, and yet in today’s frantic world, you can’t interview the individual behind every CV you receive.

Both Rob and I have looked at thousands of CVs and now know what the essential facts are to pay attention to. We share them with you here in this week’s post.

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How To Attract The Employees Your Company Wants

In today’s busy world of business growth and talent acquisition, we all want to identify that fantastic hire and bring them into our organisation, as fast and cost-effectively. An aspirational goal maybe and one worth pursuing. Think of the benefits that everyone will receive? Though how as a busy employer can you make sure that the candidates you interview will turn out to be a productive and loyal employee? Over our many years in recruitment, these are the exact steps we know are working now when it comes to recruiting and what we suggest to our clients.

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Uber to lose it’s licence to operate in London

After Uber’s application the renew it’s licence to work in London the Transport for London has rejected their application on the grounds that as a company they are not a fit and proper operator.
Uber’s licence to operate in London ends on the 30th of September but they still have 21 days to appeal so therefore are able to continue operating until the appeal process has ended.
The Mayor of London has said in one of his Facebook posts that he will be fully supporting the decision of the Transport for London. Uber shoots back quickly in response. In a statement, it said the decision would “show the world that, far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies.”

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