Standard Fee Recruitment

The process that is involved by using a recruitment agency like Recruit Zone is that we will source the right candidates, check references, interview, match candidates to company and the selection of suitable candidates that fit the job: 

Standard Fee Recruitment

From there we will organise interviews and will be the main point of contact for both the company and candidate.

In simple terms, the way we work so that everyone is happy

  • You as a client get suitable relevant candidates for the open position
  • The candidate gets the job that they want
  • We get the fee for doing the work

At Recruit Zone we work to build a strong relationship with both the company looking to fill the position and also the candidate.

As a client you are more likely to carry on using us if we develop a strong relationship that is only achieved by the maintaining a high level of customer service and also giving you pre-qualified candidates that have the right skills.

On the other side, the candidate receives the same level of service and relationship. We make sure that you are only submitted to relevant jobs

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